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Planetariums help students grasp abstract astronomical concepts and can spark enjoyment and interest in science. Think of the possibilities of having your own easy to use, full-featured planetarium at your disposal: Avoid the headache and expense of organizing a fieldtrip to an off-site planetarium. Use your planetarium as often as you need to cover your subject matter fully, and tailor lessons to your students.

Our Digitarium digital planetarium systems offer the best value on the market with unparalleled usability and support, as well as advanced features to excite and engage students of all ages. From day one our systems have been designed to enable you to teach from anywhere in the dome, so that you can interact with all students—not just with those seated near the projection system.

Digitarium systems run Nightshade NG (Next Generation) software, simulation and visualization software for teaching and exploring astronomy, Earth science, and related topics. Digitalis created, develops, and maintains Nightshade NG, so we know the software intimately. Nightshade NG is a complete rewrite, and it is much more powerful and realistic than the original version of Nightshade (Legacy).

There are two flavors of Nightshade NG, Basic and Professional. Basic is more limiting; for example, Basic restricts travel to within the solar system, while Professional allows travel to stars and even outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

Nightshade NG Basic and Professional functionality includes:

* Simulate the sky from any point on Earth, other planets and moons, and asteroids/comets

* User-adjustable star settings, including limiting magnitude, brightness, and projected sizes

* Explore constellations from more than a dozen different cultures

* Sky Engine allows you to zoom in anywhere on the sky to see incredible detail

* Display labels/text menus in 70+ languages

* Volumetric shadow visualizations

* Simulate the sky over +/- 2,000,000 years

* Display numerous reference lines/grids

* Integration with Digitarium control interfaces

* Integrated multimedia support

Nightshade NG Professional also offers:

* Fly out of and view a volumetric model of the Milky Way galaxy

* Extensive 3D galaxy database

* Volumetric models of the Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy, other Deep Space Objects

* Data simulation and visualization support

* Users can add their own 3D models

Digitarium models are available in either a portable or a fixed configuration, at different resolutions and price points. We also sell our own line of Digitalis inflatable domes in several sizes for a complete portable solution. Visit our website,, to learn more.


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