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This isn't your old crawl-in star dome! Three theaters in one: show fulldome, flatscreen, and now 3D shows without changing equipment! We have the most flexible, best value in portable planetariums.

Museum-quality fulldome shows available on all science topics. Shows are also available on DVD for your classroom or in formats for any digital planetarium. Watch the full shows online free on our youtube channel "eplanetarium".

Double the Pixels! High definition 1920x1080 mirror system gives almost twice as many pixels projected as Digital Starlab or Digitarium Gamma from Digitalis! Over 30% more pixels than a 1200x1200 fisheye like Digitarium epsilon.

Walk-in Dome: stand up entry, no crawling required; continuous entry and exit without disrupting a show; handicapped accessilble! Special flap to allow projection even on the doorway. Now imitated by others, but get the original and best! Custom Projection Surface minimizes wrinkles, crosstalk, and sound echoes. Self-closing vents allow ventilation without bouncing; resists deflation when large groups exit.

Highly Mobile: fast set up, easy to operate, lightweight, easy for one person to carry in a compact car or check as airline luggage. Easy to Use: MediaSHOW is designed for ease of use in having full control of images, movies, sequences, and clips. Training takes just a few minutes and is included in the price.

Starfield Software: Stellarium, included free, is a collaborative software application that uses the talents of the entire community to provide the best software! Also included in PC systems: WorldWide Telescope to explore the solar system, the galaxy and the known universe!

Educational Software: Our partner sells earth and space educational software, for teachers or for museums.


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