Join forces with international award-winning astronomer and former consultant to NASA, Kevin Manning, a man on no ordinary mission. Kevin founded Look Up to the Stars with a mission to generate interest and foster scientific literacy in students nationwide through the delivery of awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining astronomy programs. Your students will love going on an unforgettable cosmic journey through the universe during our Star Tour across America. Programs, such as Astronomy for Everyone: Size & Scale of the Universe, consistently receive rave reviews.

Have your school be a part of Star Tour USA this year and invite Astronomer Kevin Manning to come and engage students, teachers, and the local community with unique and outstanding workshops and programs that will instill a sense of exploration they’ve never known before. All programs meet many of the requirements for STEM and the Next Generation Science Standards. There are four options to choose from, or get creative and ask about the possibilities.

Single classroom or auditorium program to inspire, motivate and foster interest and literacy in science that can last 45-90 minutes. There is no limit to the number of students attending.

An entire day (and evening) to conduct various workshops, break-out sessions with hands-on activities, and programs suited for different levels of interest and ability. This could be expanded to more than one school or even an entire district.

Sky's the Limit Fundraiser: use this fundraiser to raise hundreds to thousands of dollars for your students. We will come to your school and present an outstanding and memorable family astronomy program. Following the indoor presentation, a powerful hand-crafted telescope will be set up outdoors for viewing the rings of Saturn, craters on the Moon, etc. weather permitting.

Cosmic Images Across the Spectrum: this teacher workshop will introduce novel techniques used in the innovative classroom interested in making interdisciplinary connections with the universe. Based on a model used at Tufts University with science teachers across America and six other nations, this highly successful professional development workshop makes use of NASA's MicroObservatory and robotic telescopes.