Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in the design of instrumentation for teaching and research in the biological and environmental sciences. Qubit's laboratory packages have a convenient modular format that allows you to switch components (gas analyzers, pumps, flow meters etc.) depending on the type of experiment you wish to conduct (photosynthesis, insect respirometry, large animal respirometry etc.). Our new Q-Box packages are provided with all necessary hardware and software and can be operated with either a PC or Macintosh computer, They are also are compatible with any data acquisition software you may already possess.

Teaching and Research
Animal and Insect Respirometry
Plant and Soil Research and Testing
Human Metabolic Testing
Aquatic Biology

Q-Boxes is designed for both field and laboratory use. The weather-proof enclosure is tough, and Q-Box analyzers are housed in metal cases to withstand the rigors of the teaching lab. A centralized power source circumvents the need for multiple power supplies, yet each component has an individual power input so that they can be used independently if required.

The Q-Box concept offers you flexibility, convenience, durability and accuracy. We can configure individual Q-Boxes to your precise requirements. A plant scientist may wish only to measure leaf CO2 exchange, whereas a biology instructor may also wish to measure insect respirometry. No problem! Let us know the range of experiments you wish to conduct, and we will customize a Q-Box to meet your needs. You can always add components to increase the capabilities and flexibility of your system.

At Qubit you deal with scientists who speak your language and understand your requirements. The quality of our service is second to none. Please contact us - you will be glad that you did.