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Science Cut Ups are colorful, low-cost, interactive manipulatives and games for teaching, reviewing, or assessing science content and processes. With over 160 titles to choose from, teachers from kindergarten through high school use Science Cut Ups to engage students while making them think at high levels. Science Cut Ups are effective in small student groupings, aid in the reinforcement of academic vocabulary, are a great differentiation tool for a wide range of learners (interventions), and are correlated to NGSS and Texas standards. The varied formats (classifying, sequencing, organizing data, matching, Venn diagram, Frayer model, concept mapping, etc.) engage students with challenging, brain-research-based practices as they read, reason, and arrange colorful visuals to connect learning. Science Cut Ups activities encourage scientific dialogue and provide opportunities for science notebook entries. 50 titles are AVAILABLE IN SPANISH. Science Cut Ups are pre-printed in color on cardstock. Most packages contain materials for 10 groups. Laminate and cut apart the manipulatives before students use them and store the cut pieces in baggies or envelopes for continued use.


Science Cut-Ups can help your students by allowing them to work in individually or in small groups on specific science content/vocabulary. This discourse really helps kids to become masters of the concent. Thanks for a great product at a great price!