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Serious science, engaging style from Gravitas Publications

Real Science-4-Kids offers a solid curriculum for a solid foundation. Enjoy this logical and sequential approach to real science. Select from two comprehensive programs, ‘Exploring the Building Blocks of Science’ Series and the ‘Focus On’ Series, to find the teaching method that works for you.

Reap the benefits of the nourishing upward-spiral teaching method employed in Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Series. Real Science-4-Kids integrates the 5 core disciplines of science into one convenient book for each grade level. Children must first learn about atoms, molecules, chain reactions, and more before they can truly grasp how plants grow. Exploring the Building Blocks of Science provides those fundamental scientific building blocks for comprehension, and builds on that foundation in age-appropriate increments.

Looking to focus on one subject at a time? Enjoy the detailed approach of the Focus On Series. These semester-long unit studies encourage students to move deeply into one subject at a time, where they can really focus on and grasp scientific concepts in a memorable way.

Let Real Science-4-Kids help instill a love of science through a nourishing, worldview neutral curriculum that encourages students to see, touch, feel, and think about the scientific world they live in.

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