Fascinating Education is a company founded by Dr. Sheldon Margulies, a neurologist and internist in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Fascinating Education consists of four online science curricula: Fascinating Chemistry, Fascinating Biology, Fascinating Physics, and Fascinating Anatomy and Physiology. Each curriculum consists of clear, colorful illustrations narrated by Dr. Margulies. There is no textbook.

Science Teachers: If you teach chemistry, biology, physics, or anatomy and physiology in a public or private school, Dr. Margulies is offering free access to the curricula for the 2016/2017 school year. If you would like this free access, please send your name, school, school city and state, and your email address to Please use “Science Teacher” as the subject line.

In 2008, using his Fascinating Biology curriculum for only 1 hour a week, Dr. Margulies taught 96 juniors at Dunbar High School in Baltimore. That year, the pass rate on the statewide, standardized HSA exams in biology rose from 40% passing in 2007 to 87% in 2008 (very important since passing was a requirement for graduation).

Each curriculum is about 20 lessons long, with each lesson lasting less than 1 hour. Each lesson is followed by a test and a curriculum explaining the answers to the test, all of which adds another hour and a half to the lesson. An entire year’s curriculum, then, can be completed in about 50 hours.

Fascinating Chemistry, Fascinating Biology, Fascinating Physics, and Fascinating Anatomy and Physiology cover every topic typically taught in high school courses, and can thus supplant or supplement existing courses. Being online, they are perfect for flipped classes where students view the lesson online before coming to class for further discussion/activities. In addition, all of the scripts for the lessons and explanations of the test answers are available as PDF’s.

Please view sample lessons and course outlines at And if you have any questions let us know how we can help by contacting us at