Cell Zone® Inc is focused on increasing student success in science. Our biology products are active-learning and student-centered to include more learners in biology and to increase depth of understanding of essential biology topics. If you teach about cells, biological molecules, mitosis, diversity, or histology, our products can help your students learn. We also offer a gas safety product to ensure proper use of Bunsen burners. Our products include: 1. Dynamic Cell Models; 2. Molecular Puzzles; 3. Mitosis Sequencing Kits; 4. Diversity Kits; 5. Micrograph Posters; and 6. Burner Brake. We take POs by phone or email, as well as online through our website. The mission of Cell Zone® Inc is to make Universal Design for Learning (UDL) biology products available to more classrooms so that more students can learn about biology.

All of our products have been classroom tested and work with a very wide range of students-- from 3rd graders through college science majors. Because our products reach students with diverse learning needs regardless of ability/disability, native language, learning style, or background, they are ideal for any classroom. In addition, because Cell Zone products are student-centered, students have more fun while learning about biology. Any classroom can take on active learning approaches when using our products, especially because our guidebooks that come with our products provide lessons to empower teachers to use active learning and inquiry-based approaches.

Cell Zone®, Inc. was founded by a community college professor in 2010 and our first products were partly developed with the assistance of NSF funding. Since our founding we have received much appreciation from the teachers who have purchased our kits. Teachers have confirmed that Cell Zone® products fit easily into their classrooms and quickly transform the class environment into a student-centered, interactive space. Other teachers have told us that our products help their students move past memorization to understanding and learning. At Cell Zone®, Inc., our goal is for science to be accessible to all students.