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Creative Labworks, Inc. is proud to be the Master Distributor of products by Envision It! Inc. Envision It! produces the most professional, highest quality groundwater flow simulators on the market today. No other model demonstrates as many principles. Envision It! models come fully assembled and tested. Models also come with all parts and accessories necessary for use, including pumps, tubing and dye. The model simulates groundwater and contaminant flow through leaking underground storage tanks, wells (including artesian wells), springs, lake and aquifer interaction. Great tool for demonstration in classroom presentations, museums, children's groundwater festivals, Earth Day and Water Week events. Adults are equally impressed by the complex principles that can be illustrated; these models are often used in wellhead/sourcewater protection presentations. The models are often purchased by Colleges & Universities, School Districts for use in High School & Middle School curriculum, Conservation Districts, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Environmental Quality (Protection in some states), as well as Health Departments and Military Educational Facilities.

The goal of Creative Labworks, Inc. is to provide the highest quality educational materials available. Envision It! products are among many high quality products that we currently offer.