If it's brain-stretching fun you seek this summer, and thrive on the science of space adventure, check out the Virginia Space Flight Academy. For middle school students, ages 11-15, it's an opportunity to build and launch rockets and build and program robots.

It doesn't get much more fun than building and launching your very own rocket. That's what you will do during your week at Virginia Space Flight Academy. As skill and interest levels vary, campers will be able to work with model rocket kits, or take the next step of designing and building rocket parts using CAD design and 3D printers. However you decide, you will be able to watch a 3D printer in action. And, every camper gets to push the launch button.

The robotics program uses the Lego Mindstorms kit to challenge campers of any skill level. Each group of campers must come up with their own “task” for their robot to complete. Once the task is chosen campers must design, build and program their robots. Campers that are new to Lego Mindstorms are given the tools they need to build a robot to complete relatively simple tasks, while more advanced campers are encouraged to push themselves to complete more complicated and difficult tasks.

Over 15 years of Brain Stretching Fun!