Teaching science can be easy!
Quality Science Labs offers innovative laboratory curricula and corresponding kits to enhance the science learning experience. Our well designed science kits are geared for student success regardless of the laboratory setting.
Choosing, teaching and understanding laboratory experiments can be challenging for both the student and the teacher. We have endeavored to minimize those challenges by designing and offering a variety of science kits for all levels of learning. Whether in a well equipped school or one with limited laboratory resources, our kits can make science easy to teach and enjoyable to learn.

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The Advanced MicroChem (advanced placement level chemistry) Kit

The Advanced MicroChem (advanced placement level chemistry) Kit

A collaborative effort of five experienced educators with well over 130 years combined teaching experience, this kit and included manual covers all the new 2013 requirements from the College Board®! The manual will lead your students through 16 advanced placement level labs, 11 of which are guided inquiry labs, (six of the guided inquiry labs can optionally be structured inquiry). All the required learning objectives and science practices are addressed. An optional Advanced MicroChem Teachers Handbook is available along with a “boiler plate” document for submitting your school's audit review to the College Board®. Call us at 866-700-1884 for more information. read more