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The BRAND® HandyStep® S next generation repeating pipette offers advanced features in a purely mechanical instrument. Upgrades include additional volume settings, enhanced ergonomics and improved corrosion resistance.
The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is pleased to announce the new class of 2011 EOL Rubenstein Fellows. These 16 early-career scientists will use EOL as a platform for sharing their biodiversity research with their colleagues and the general public.
Prehistoric Planet Store Prehistoric Planet Store
Prehistoric Store offers over 1000 fossil, rock, mineral and dinosaur items. We specialize in affordable fossil replicas for classroom teaching, display and collections.
Brown Dog Gadgets Brown Dog Gadgets
Our goal is to create solar projects that allow students to not only learn how solar works but apply those principals to their day to day lives. Create engaging solar energy projects for kids of all ages. We're your go to source for solar.
Diversified Woodcrafts
Adjusts in 2cm increments from 27''H to 39''H in less than 30 seconds. Add 3" ...
Rocket Kits
Get young people excited about learning. It's easy with Estes model rockets! Extensive website with ...
Chemicals and Chemical Sets From BME Lab & Science
BME Lab & Science specializes in laboratory supplies and small quantity chemical sales perfect for ...
There is no better time to discover all that IEEE membership has to offer than ...
Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI)
The Teacher Enrichment Initiatives, TEI, is a grant funded program that establishes partnerships between K-12 ...
NEW Nitrate Test Kits (Zinc Reducing Agent), Instrumental and Visual
CHEMetrics NEW Nitrate Test Kits, catalog nos. K-6905 and K-6913, employ non-hazardous zinc as the ...
Digital Geiger Counter
Teaching physics is hard. The right equipment makes it easier. The only digital Geiger counter ...
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