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APTE is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, the APTE Handheld Scanner Bundle, the super green and easy way to organize your life. This handy scanner fits easily in any drawer, purse, or backpack.
The BRAND® HandyStep® S next generation repeating pipette offers advanced features in a purely mechanical instrument. Upgrades include additional volume settings, enhanced ergonomics and improved corrosion resistance.
ePlanetarium, Home of Discovery Dome ePlanetarium, Home of Discovery Dome
The best value in portable immersive technology: 4 theaters in one! Full starfields PLUS WorldWide Telescope; fulldome planetarium shows; active 3D theater AND can also show flatscreen content! No competing portable planetarium system is this flexible!
Seela Science Seela Science
Are you looking for Professional Development courses you can take without driving all over and following someone else's schedule? Check out our "Uncommonly Sensible Science" series! Pick your course, improve science content knowledge, and use in class.
SKY-Z Limitless Wind Pitch Education Kit
The most complete Educational Wind Turbine on the Market. 3 different size blades, pitch built ...
Tired of looking for inexpensive Earth Science models? This scale model from the Oceanography Block ...
Heroes of Science and Technology Posters
Scientists and technologists solve a vast variety of humanity’s problems— from explaining the natural world ...
QSL Advanced MicroChem Kit
The Advanced MicroChem Kit was designed to be a serious first year college / high ...
NEW Nitrate Test Kits (Zinc Reducing Agent), Instrumental and Visual
CHEMetrics NEW Nitrate Test Kits, catalog nos. K-6905 and K-6913, employ non-hazardous zinc as the ...
Beck Crane EB-04
The Beck Crane is a solid dependable equilibrium crane designed for basic labs and demonstration. ...
Basic Wind Experiment Kit
This kit, one of our most popular, allows young scientists to test a variety of ...
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