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The BRAND® HandyStep® S next generation repeating pipette offers advanced features in a purely mechanical instrument. Upgrades include additional volume settings, enhanced ergonomics and improved corrosion resistance.
APTE is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, the APTE Handheld Scanner Bundle, the super green and easy way to organize your life. This handy scanner fits easily in any drawer, purse, or backpack.
K-5 Science & Engineering Leveled Readers at Your Fingertips from HMH® K-5 Science & Engineering Leveled Readers at Your Fingertips from HMH®
Available in print or via mobile app, HMH Science & Engineering Leveled Readers help maximize success for entire classrooms and individual learners. Three levels of readers in both English and Spanish include Extra Support, On Level, and Enrichment.
Genesis, Inc. Genesis, Inc.
Our specialty is the exciting classroom project involving dissecting owl pellets. We offer various Owl Pellet Kits, Owl Pellets, and a few other items for the science classroom. Serving Science for over 25 years. We look forward to serving you!
NEW Nitrate Test Kits (Zinc Reducing Agent), Instrumental and Visual
CHEMetrics NEW Nitrate Test Kits, catalog nos. K-6905 and K-6913, employ non-hazardous zinc as the ...
IEEE Member Digital Library
Exclusively for IEEE Members. (Personal use only, not available to organizations.) The IEEE Member Digital ...
Rocket Kits
Get young people excited about learning. It's easy with Estes model rockets! Extensive website with ...
Exchange™ Collaboration Conference Tables from SMARTdesks
Exchange™ Collaboration Furniture is a modular system that permits the setup of different shapes to ...
School Programs
Every year, thousands of students and their teachers experience the ecology of a dynamic coastal ...
Beck Crane EB-04
The Beck Crane is a solid dependable equilibrium crane designed for basic labs and demonstration. ...
Safari LTD
Survey the Jurassic landscape and search for prey through the yellow eyes of this meat-eating ...
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