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The BRAND® HandyStep® S next generation repeating pipette offers advanced features in a purely mechanical instrument. Upgrades include additional volume settings, enhanced ergonomics and improved corrosion resistance.
APTE is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, the APTE Handheld Scanner Bundle, the super green and easy way to organize your life. This handy scanner fits easily in any drawer, purse, or backpack.
K-5 Science & Engineering Leveled Readers at Your Fingertips from HMH® K-5 Science & Engineering Leveled Readers at Your Fingertips from HMH®
Available in print or via mobile app, HMH Science & Engineering Leveled Readers help maximize success for entire classrooms and individual learners. Three levels of readers in both English and Spanish include Extra Support, On Level, and Enrichment.
Prehistoric Planet Store Prehistoric Planet Store
Prehistoric Store offers over 1000 fossil, rock, mineral and dinosaur items. We specialize in affordable fossil replicas for classroom teaching, display and collections.
Discovery Dome Portable Planetarium
Take a trip into outer space without leaving your classroom! Excite and Engage your students ...
SKY-Z Limitless Wind Pitch Education Kit
The most complete Educational Wind Turbine on the Market. 3 different size blades, pitch built ...
Inside Out Body Wear
A great anatomy teaching tool for your classroom! Leotards can be purchased in separate sizes....
Pre-Printed and Blank Swim Caps
Okay, it took more than a brain surgeon to come up with this idea-it took ...
Heroes of Science and Technology Posters
Scientists and technologists solve a vast variety of humanity’s problems— from explaining the natural world ...
Microbe Safe Grow Kit
Grow and observe microorganisms with total safety using harmless Baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces Cervistae. If you ...
Dinosaurs and Deep Sea Creatures are highlights for the Fall Season at Sylvan Dell
Seven new books jump onto shelves this September from Sylvan Dell Publishing! The new titles ...
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